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The Life of Lucius M. Beebe

Here at the Best of Everything, we're not really interested in the Wikipedia entry style biography of Beebe. Without being too precious, we're interested in learning about and discovering the many facets that made up this dynamic man. 

So instead of a traditional biography section, here we invite you to learn and explore for yourself about Lucius Beebe's

life and legacy in a more interactive and holistic way. 

To make your search easier, we've organized our articles on Beebe's life into several different categories below. 


Beebe & Clegg's names are nearly synonymous with American Railroad lore and history to generations

of railfans.


Explore why here.


The Old West

Learn more about Beebe & Clegg's contributions to the American Wild West's folklore and their lives in Virginia City, Nevada here.


NYC Café Society

Café Society was a youthful and lavish social movement in NYC the 1930s to 1950s. Some say Beebe coined the term but there's no doubt he was one of the sub-culture's most conspicuous and eccentric core members.

Stork Club Bar Book Cover

Food & Drink

It's been said that Beebe drank Bollinger for breakfast and brushed his teeth with chablis. If you were a fine restaurant or drink company in the 1930s - 1960s, you wanted the Lucius Beebe seal of approval on your brand.

Ivy League Days

Beebe was proud to have been the only student to have been expelled from both Harvard & Yale in the 1920s. Learn about Beebe's spirited college years in the days of Prohibition.

Men's Fashion

Beebe is credited with influencing men's fashion on the campus of Yale in the early 1920s. Named among the Best Dressed Men for several years running, Beebe remained an icon for sartorial splendor throughout his life.


Hot off the Presses

The latest in Lucius news.

Other Topics of Interest


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The Dogs

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